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Good Friends Icons

because our icons don't scare the bejeezus out of Chandler

Good Friends Icon
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Before anything else, let's just clear this up:
You must be approved before gaining posting access to the community. If you are accepted, check your invites page. DO NOT apply directly to the community. ALSO, keep in mind that you only need to join if you make and plan on post icons. If all you want is watch the community, don't apply, don't join, just friend the community.

A * B * O * U * T

Welcome to goodfrendsicon!
This is, obviously, a community to post icons from the TV show Friends. But, it's not like any other Friends icons communities out there, because this community is for high quality Friends icons.

Well, here's the deal: we all know there are a lot of Friends icons around. However, most some of the Friends icons around are... not the greatest. For such a good show, it'd be nice to have some good icons.

As the people on good_losticons put it: We maintain a closed membership, which means that you must make extremely good icons to get in to this community! We don't want pixel fonts (unless used right), we don't want icons with bad cropping and nasty effects, we don't want icons using templates, etc. We have no problem with beginners, but we want you here after you've gotten good. Apply once you've gotten the feel for icon making and are making extraordinary ones!

Got it? Good.

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